Today I'm visiting my friend’s house, she only lived two blocks away that’s why it’s easy to just come and go but she always likes it that I should be the one coming to her place more often, mostly because she’s in a band and she’s into composing music. She even has her own recording studio. Her place is that awesome compared to my place which is pretty much average, a room full of books and a flower garden; big deal.

I pressed the doorbell and I can see her hurried steps as she opens the door. She quickly pulled me to her studio. She installing something, I knew it to be duncan sp90-1 at guitar center. I was with her when she was purchasing it online. Once she’s done, she was rocking it. So this is what she’s working on, I kept listening and before I knew it I love it. guitar pick at

I haven't played for very long time. Well, I play bass on wireless mics from Musicians Friend more than I play a real life bass guitar. But whenever I pick it up and strum the strings, it always feels good. I have a Fender Custom Shop Bass. It was a gift from my father for my 16th birthday! Most people prefer electric guitars over basses, but I am sure that if you let the guitar play alone without the bass, the music won’t be as good.

I think the only problem I have with playing bass is that my hand can’t reach very well. But I have not played for very long, so I guess my hand should be just used to it again.

I know if someone would see me doing this, the first thing that will come to his or her mind is “Wow, this girl is weird” or “Geez… This girl has some mental issues”. Well, for me the best therapy in the world is this, this makes me feel good whenever I feel down and I feel hopeless – it helps me relax my mind and body as well.

Sometimes I feel like it’s the end of everything and end of the world, but with music and my Best best everything turns better when dancing. It’s a very superb exercise too! It’s my favorite way to release tension and anxiety. But of course, it needs complete privacy because, c’mon, it's embarrassing!

I have a friend from a famous band. He always invites us whenever they have a gig or concert in our place. One time when we arrived in their concert venue, I could not turn away my eyes from their x32. The sound was so good and the musicality of them was ear-captivating. It was good to hear and the huge amplifiers made the venue alive and wild.

It created an atmosphere of fun and laughter. Plus the scourging performance of the band made the entire night an event you shouldn’t miss of. After the concert I told my friend that they were crazy and their instruments are very enthusiastic. I like their stage present and the audience was very responsive of their performance.

The electric guitar we ordered finally arrived at our doorstep. Mom took only few minutes to receive the delivery. My Dad saw what has arrived and got excited to see what’s new.

Dad played the record needle so well. He says he could teach me songs he knew how to play. But there was something in my choice that bothered him. The new guitar only had acoustic sounds. He wanted a banging sound like rock and roll. He asked my Mom to check if there were resonator guitar strings at guitar center. He also checked other music stores.

Mom and Dad found resonator guitar strings and had it installed to the guitar. Today, we go rocking and rolling with a band at the garage.

It’s our first day of work in a local pub. It may sound cheap but we just work there. Not many know that we are a band singing great pop songs to amazing audiences. And since it was our first time to entertain people here in the pub, we wanted to surprise them with interesting songs for them to keep coming back.

One device that we needed was the hypercardioid. We wanted to control our music to produce great sounds. We have searched everywhere, but it seems none seem to fit our needs. Fortunately we checked the Internet and found new radial-engineering effects at musicians friend. We never doubted the online music shop as most of our instruments were bought here.