Monthly Archives: September 2016

I have a friend from a famous band. He always invites us whenever they have a gig or concert in our place. One time when we arrived in their concert venue, I could not turn away my eyes from their x32. The sound was so good and the musicality of them was ear-captivating. It was good to hear and the huge amplifiers made the venue alive and wild.

It created an atmosphere of fun and laughter. Plus the scourging performance of the band made the entire night an event you shouldn’t miss of. After the concert I told my friend that they were crazy and their instruments are very enthusiastic. I like their stage present and the audience was very responsive of their performance.

The electric guitar we ordered finally arrived at our doorstep. Mom took only few minutes to receive the delivery. My Dad saw what has arrived and got excited to see what’s new.

Dad played the record needle so well. He says he could teach me songs he knew how to play. But there was something in my choice that bothered him. The new guitar only had acoustic sounds. He wanted a banging sound like rock and roll. He asked my Mom to check if there were resonator guitar strings at guitar center. He also checked other music stores.

Mom and Dad found resonator guitar strings and had it installed to the guitar. Today, we go rocking and rolling with a band at the garage.